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Blanco Semidulce

The aromatic and fresh character from our high-altitude vineyards


Sauvignon blanc


Grapes from our vineyard Finca Carbonera, the highest growing point in the DOCa Rioja, at an altitude of 700-950m (2300- 3100ft.) above sea level.

This estate’s unique growing conditions with shifts in temperature between day and night, the soil’s pH of less than 6 and mineral character, allow the grapes to conserve their acidity leading to fresh and elegant wines.


Pressing and maceration of the grapes is done at low temperature to ensure cold fermentation, which eliminates the yeasts and brings out the residual sugar which characterises this semi-sweet wine.

icono ojo Colour

Clean, bright and transparent wine of straw yellow colour with golden edges.

icono narizAroma

Clean and complex aromas of passion fruit, mint and hints of honey.

icono bocaPalate

With an excellent balance between acidity, alcohol and sugar, the palate is fresh with a slight plummy feel.

Food pairing

Enjoy this fresh, semi-sweet wine with different starters, especially cured cheeses and foie. It is also ideal for fruit-based desserts, which natural acidity provides the perfect balance with the wine’s fresh finish.