An exceptional tandem

Pablo Tascón

Technical Director and Chief Winemaker

Pablo Tascón

I believe great wines start crafting from great vineyards, I search for character and purity

Born in León, Pablo Tascón has spent over 15 years farming grapes and making wine in the Spanish appellations of Rioja, Bierzo, Rias Baixas and Valdeorras.

As one of Spain’s most up and coming oenologist, he continuously demonstrates his exceptional expertise in vine culture and growing by farming indigenous grapes in non-traditional soils, which he combines with different vinifcation and ageing techniques. The result are elegant, fresh and pure wines, utterly representative of the land they come from and the creativity of the person behind them.

Oenological Advisor

Gonzalo Rodríguez

Wine is like a diamond, you can saw it until you achieve something beautiful

Gonzalo is a pioneer in Spanish oenology. In the 1980s he became one Ribera del Duero’s top winemakers.

In the 1990s he advised different Rioja wineries, which allowed him to participate in some of the most avant-guard wine projects. He joined Barón de Ley in 2000 and began cultivating less-common indigenous Rioja grapes, which represented a true turning point in our winemaking philosophy.

Gonzalo Rodriguez