Quintessential Rioja, our exceptional heritage

Barón de Ley is a family-owned winery located in Spain’s most celebrated wine region, Rioja, a privileged terroir to farm and craft premium quality wines.

Housed in a centuries-old monastery, where the monks made wine more than 500 years ago, Barón de Ley was founded in 1985 as a ground-breaking project in the DOCa Rioja: a vineyard-focused winery inspired by the French châteaux.

Honouring our brand name, de ley, which is the Spanish expression for legit, at Barón de Ley we take care of every little detail to offer in every bottle an excellent, trustworthy wine. A genuinely good Rioja.

+600 Hectares of vineyards

Rioja’s diversity defines our winemaking; we explore the potential and boundaries of quality Rioja wines while remaining true to our heritage.

We own more than 600 hectares of vineyard in different subregions, which guarantee top-quality wines with personality and where we capitalise on the different locations, micro-climates, soils and grape varieties Rioja has to offer.

10 Indigenous red and white grape varieties make up our range

Barón de Ley takes manual harvest to new heights through a combination of hand-harvesting and hand-sorting of 1.8 million kg of grape every vintage, an impressive milestone in Rioja.

1.8 mill. kg of grape are manually harvested and selected every vintage

Barón de Ley is specialised in Reserva and Gran Reserva wines, honouring Rioja’s acclaimed tradition of long ageing in French and American oak barrels.

31,000 Oak casks honour our specialisation in Rioja’s ageing tradition


Barón de Ley exports close to 89% of its production through a distribution network in 50 countries. Combining a very distinct Rioja identity with an open, innovative approach to winemaking, in the past 35 years, Barón de Ley has built its success and our standing today as an award-winning winery among the elite of Rioja and Spanish top wine brands.